Second Sustainable Coastlines event with Auranga: community planting day, Ngakoroa Stream, 10am, Sunday 24 September. 


Remember when kids played freely around the neighbourhood from breakfast to dinner? When they fearlessly rode their bikes everywhere? When neighbours knew each other and no one felt lonely?

Auranga wants to bring that neighbourhood feeling back into modern living, cultivate connections and create a real sense of community.

Our aim is to build a world-class community where streets are full of life and memories are made.

Our design drive

The idea is that Auranga will encourage connections, friendships and community support.  People who choose to live here will find they have more chances to meet and form strong bonds with other locals. The people and the place with its variety of fantastic open spaces will provide new opportunities for happiness and health.

Auranga - a place where life is lived. A place where everyone is welcome and everyone feels they truly belong.