Developing a better way to live
Inspiring a better way of life

Auranga is a development for our future.

Designed with the inspiration for creating a new way to live, to call Auranga a subdivision, a suburb, or even a new development belies the uniqueness of what is the first city of its kind in the world.

A city built on the audacious dream and detailed doing and master planning of a unique group -

Auranga is a global benchmark for city creation - it is a prototype for better living, proof of a better way to design, build and populate our future cities, a more engaging way of inspiring future communities.

Auranga; aims to be an inspiration for the world, a gift for those who choose to call it home.

Faithfully designed, tenaciously planned, meticulously crafted, and available today.

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The masterplan

Auranga is all about people loving where they live. That's why every aspect of this new community has been designed with good living in mind.

Better by Design

While connectivity and a sense of belonging must come from the community itself, Auranga has been specifically designed to help facilitate community outcomes.  The city boasts a number of design innovations that will actually improve people’s quality of life.

Have a look around Auranga

At the heart of something big

Located in the Karaka Drury area, Auranga lies on the inner reaches of Manukau Harbour's Pahurehure Inlet, just west of Drury Village and within easy reach of Auckland’s international and domestic airports and the CBD.

Perfectly located