Looking out for the natural environment

Building a new community on a greenfields site comes with a responsibility to the natural environment. Auranga has carefully considered what this means and has a number of features to protect and enhance the environment for new residents.

  • Rain run-off from Auranga’s streets will drain into rain gardens where plants and soil will naturally filter pollution improving water quality before it reaches local streams and wetlands.

  • Landscaped wetlands with a large variety of native plants will filter rain run-off making sure clean water provides a healthy habitat for native fish and birds and contributes to a robust eco-system.

  • Visually rich streetscapes with safe and convenient footpaths and cycleways will make it easy for people to enjoy Auranga without having to use their cars improving air quality.

  • With maximum visibility of and accessibility to the estuary for all to enjoy, Auranga will work hard to ensure the marine environment is well looked after now and in the future.


Sustainability has to be about the whole picture and Auranga has been designed to balance social, economic, environmental and cultural needs through a number of approaches.