Upcoming event 

Auranga Eco Islands Planting Event

This year, as part of the continued collaboration between AURANGA and Sustainable Coastlines, we invite you to be part of something special, the rejuvenation of the eco islands of AURANGA.

We’re taking on the restoration of three small islands in the Manukau Harbour – 15.2 hectares of natural islands you probably didn’t even know existed. AURANGA is serious about contributing to improved waterways and is planting tens of thousands of native plants in rain gardens, wetlands and along stream banks and the estuary along with approximately 190,000 plants will complete the island restoration. These natural features, along with large and cleverly designed parks, reserves, esplanades, walkways and cycle-paths all contribute to a healthier environment. We would like to invite you to be a part of this ecological invigoration.

We will be running one of our famously fun and engaging tree planting events and you’ll get the chance to visit somewhere we guarantee you’ve never been before. This will be a memorable event of significance to the community of this area.  You will be part of the first public group to walk on these islands, that were previously land locked from access and are not yet open to the public. This will be a family fun day suitable for all ages so bring your kids, your nanna and your best mate as well.

Please join us from 10am to 2pm on Sunday August 18th at 389 Bremner Rd, Drury to be a part of this awesome kaupapa.


Watch the Bremner Road Opening Celebration video!


Bremner Road Opening Celebration / Generation Homes Photo Booth link - 29 June 2019