Auranga is governed by the Auranga Residents’ Association (ARA). ARA aims to preserve the financial and lifestyle interests of the owners in maintaining infrastructure, regulating the Common Facilities, and preserving the value and integrity of Auranga.

As an owner in Auranga, you are automatically a registered member of the Association.

The Auranga Constitution and Bylaws sets out the governing rules of ARA including how it is set up and operates. Each member pays an annual levy for the cost of maintaining and operating the Association and the communal facilities.

Residents' information


Levies are set annually with the year running from 20 July to 19 July. Currently the Annual Levy is set at $298 per annum (subject to changes). Each year the Association will send you information on the next year’s levies. However, it is worth noting from time to time, the Association may issue a New Dwelling Levy and Special Levy due to the nature of Auranga’s ongoing development.

New Dwelling Levy: When a member purchases a new build whose previous owner was not a Member, the new member will pay a New Dwelling Levy of $298 to the Association immediately upon settlement. This levy will cover the new member’s membership one year from the date of settlement.

Special Levy: There are numbers of occasions where Special Levy might be issued to members, including when,

1)      After New Dwelling Levy period is over, the Association will levy the remaining period until 20 July (charged by $0.82 per day) so all owners will only be paying one annual levy thereafter.

2)      A cost is incurred because of Member’s breach of any provision of the Constitution.

All levies must be paid to the Auranga Residents’ Association account 06- 0185-0882221-00 before invoice due date, or the defaulting member may be required to pay a late charge including reasonable handling costs.

You can find more information about Levies under Constitution section 15.

Annual General Meeting

Committee Member nomination list and agenda will be sent to all current members 10 working days prior to the meeting.

Buying, Selling or Leasing


When you purchase a property at Auranga, you will automatically become a member of the Association.

Documentations required by ARA immediately after settlement include:

1. A signed copy of Deed of Covenant, including Schedule A & B sent to ARA via email  (

2. Confirmation of levy payment paid to ARA’s account (ANZ 06- 0185-0882221-00)


When you sell your property at Auranga, you must follow these steps to avoid remaining on the Association registry as members, therefore liable for any sums owed to the Association.

1. Contact ARA at 

2. Provide ARA the details to prepare the Deed of Covenant including legal name of the purchasing entity, copies of the title of the property and the official address allocated to the property 

3. Pay handling fee of $150 + gst to ARA's account (ANZ 06- 0185-0882221-00)

4. The new Deed of Covenant and Statement of Accounts will be sent to the transferor upon receipt of payment. Transferor will also be obliged to settle any outstanding accounts with the Association before settlement

4. Immediately after settlement, a copy of the Deed of Covenant must be sent to ARA. 

You can also refer to the Constitution section 10.2 for more information.

Leasing your property

If you are leasing your property at Auranga for any period of 32 days or longer, there are steps you will need to follow. The owner (member) remains responsible for ensuring that tenants adhere to the bylaws. Property owner should also ensure that there is sufficient parking on the property for all related vehicles.

When you lease out your property, ensure that

-          A copy of Auranga Constitution & Bylaws is attached to the lease

-          If using a letting agent, ensure they are also aware of the Constitution & Bylaws and can explain briefly to the tenants

-          A copy of the tenancy agreement sent to ARA clearly stating the occupiers’ details

-          If using a property manager, their contact details should also be provided to ARA.

You can also refer to the Constitution section 10.3 and 11 for more information

Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines have been provided for all builders or private developers in Auranga. Once the build is completed and owners want to further improve their properties, they must check if these changes align with the Design Guidelines. Any changes to the exterior appearance (including landscaping) of the property must get consent from the Design Review Committee. Email and your request will be passed on. You can find a copy of the Design Guidelines here. 

Information and contact details

Auranga Community Manager:

Auranga Residents’ Association bank account details: ANZ / 06- 0185-0882221-00

Auranga Constitution and Bylaws: Available here

Auranga Design Guidelines: Available here